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The EnduRo AS Knee Revision System was designed for use in cases of severe primary bone defects, collateral ligament insufficiency and in cases where revision surgery is indicated. The innovative hinge mechanism and joined cone design of the EnduRo AS are intended to prevent dislocation and maintain stability. The EnduRo AS Knee Revision system is the only hinged knee revision product with the unique 7-layer Advanced Surface Technology and the beta sterilized polyethylene proven to yield better wear rates.

Security against dislocation – joined cone with additional securing nut
Longevity – due to the use of the innovative Advanced Surface Technology and beta sterilized polyethylene.
Mobility –12° rotation on the vertical axis possible – in both medial and lateral directions. At least 140° flexion angle, which is increased still further by sophisticated lift technology


The Columbus AS Revision Knee System offers an extensive portfolio of implant options for intraoperative flexibility and better patient fit. Precision engineering allows for high productivity and good wear rates.

Intraoperative Flexiblity – A wide variety of implant options provides the best possible fit regardless of patient anatomy
Precision Engineering – Variable femur and tibia offset stems allow for customizable fit to adapt to individual anatomy of the patient and 4-point locking system mitigates backside wear.
Advanced Surface Technology – The unique 7-layer surface solution delivers unparalleled surface hardness and greatly improved scratch resistance, as demonstrated in testing with other Aesculap knee designs*.

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The B. Braun Australia Group services Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. B. Braun Australia has been operating since 1982. With its constantly growing portfolio of effective medical care solutions, B. Braun Australia and New Zealand makes a substantial contribution towards protecting and improving people’s health in areas like Infusion Therapy, Infection Control, Diabetes Care, Wound Management, Renal Services, Orthopaedics and many more.

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