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Spinal Surgery in ALIF

Spinal Surgery in Laterals

Spinal Surgery in ACDFs

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Apollo Surgical Gauze Dissectors – ‘The Touch’

Apollo Surgical Gauze dissectors are ideal for dissection, retraction, port cleaning and probing. The gauze Dissectors are totally disposable and come in 5mm and 10mm disposable diameter options. The Touch is:

Durable – Up to seven layers of 100% surgical cotton gauze allow a higher capacity to absorb fluid when compared to any of its competitors.

Waste less Pay less: The only dissector with a reusable handle component saves 80% of otherwise wasted trash and money.

Use one Pay for One: Since one dissector lasts for an entire surgery, each is packaged individually sterile and ready for use.

Perfect for Port Cleaning:  Both the 5mm and 10mm gauze dissectors fit flush inside the port lumen, giving a perfect and clean wipe with every pass.

The Apollo Touch dissector for ALIF and ACDF surgery is useful for

Retraction for safely placing Steinmann pins for the SPINE retractors, it allows the surgeon to not only help in the soft tissue dissection, but helps in retracting vessels and peripheral anatomy as well. The slight curve ended design is ergonomically designed specifically for this surgical approach.
For ACDF cases they give the surgeon a safe way to do soft dissection through intricate tissue and again to help in retraction of delicate structures.
The Apollo is also useful for cleaning the disc space end plates and for removing debris.
The surgeon only needs a few Apollo tips per case.
Apollo Surgical Gauze Dissectors

Company profile

Apollo Surgical

Apollo Surgical Industries, Inc. is a research and development firm specializing in general surgery products.  Led by Dr. George Christoudias’ 40 years of surgical experience, Apollo Surgical’s primary goal is to develop innovative surgical devices that make surgery easier for the surgeon and safer for the patient.

Apollo Surgical Gauze Dissectors or ‘The Touch’ is used for Spine Surgery particularly in ALF and ACDF procedures.