Key Features

Reflective Spherz® for Image Guided Surgery

Multi-Modality Fiducial Markers

Pedicle Access Kit (PAK) Needle

Product information

Reflective Marker Spherz®

Point Blank Medical Supplies a varierty of Reflective Marker Spherz using for Image Guided Surgery Systems. We can stock at competitive prices:

Snap-On Spherz®

Threaded Spherz®

Quick Spherz®

Multi-Modality Fiducial Markers

Multi-Modality Fiducial Markers

Pedicle Access Kit (PAK) Needle

IZI Medical Products’ Disposable Passive Array – PAK Needle has been specifically designed for use with 7D Surgical and Medtronic‘s® Image Guided Surgery (IGS) systems, allowing accurate access through the pedicle. IZI’s Pedicle Access Needles are sterile single-use instruments providing increased safety, time savings, and reduced costs.

Security – Stainless Steel
Quality – Navigation Markers enable unlimited and precise visibility
Range of Application – extended cannula length (160mm)
Control – ergonomically designed

Company profile

IZI Medical Logo

IZI Medical Products (Maryland, USA) was founded in 1994 by a neuroradiologist and radiation oncologist with the goal to develop and manufacture medical devices that increase procedural accuracy and decrease procedural time. In the following decade, IZI successfully developed and commercially launched over 10 of these innovative products, primarily in image guided surgery and radiation therapy.

Today, IZI’s portfolio has expanded significantly and is largely focused on diagnostic and therapeutic interventional solutions. Areas of increased focus are soft tissue biopsy, breast localization, vertebral augmentation, and vertebroplasty, among others.