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Quick-Core Soft Tissue Biopsy Needles

Breast Localisation Needles

Osteo-Site Bone Biopsy Needles

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Quick-Core Soft Tissue Biopsy Needle and Needle Set

Quick-Core Needles are used for a procedure to obtain a sample of cells from a patient’s body for laboratory testing. Needle biopsy may be used to take tissue or fluid samples from muscles and other organs, such as the liver or lungs. Special features of Quick-Core Needles are:

  • Lightweight and compact, facilitates one-handed operation during procedures
  • Precise, rapid-firing mechanism provides an intact core tissue sample
  • Beveled stylet permits easy penetration into the lesion with less trauma to surrounding tissues and organs
  • Etched tip enhances visualization under ultrasound

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Quick-Core Biopsy Needle

Quick Core Biopsy Needle Set

Breast Localisation Needles

Needle localisation (also called wire localisation) is a procedure done before breast cancer surgery to find where the breast abnormality is (the wire marks the spot) so that the surgeon knows exactly what tissue to take out. This procedure is done by mammogram or ultrasound guidance. Some special features for IZI Breast Localisation Needles include:

  • Kopans Echotip “U” versions allows for improved Ultrasound visibility
  • X-Reidy Models minimises needle migration prior to surgery

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Kopans Breast Localisation Needles

X-Reidy Breast Localisation Needles

Osteo-Site Bone Biopsy Needles

Bone biopsy uses a needle and imaging guidance to remove a small sample of bone for examination under a microscope. Bone biopsies may be used to confirm the diagnosis of a bone disorder, investigate an abnormality, determine the cause of pain or infection, or distinguish bone tumor from other conditions. Needle biopsy is less invasive than surgical biopsy and may not require general anesthesia. Features of IZI bone access and biopsy needles include:

  • Ergonomic handle design of the cannula enabling positive experience and maximum performance
  • Radiolucent handle which provides an unobstructed view during introduction into bone, ensuring accurate needle placement
  • Outer cannula is marked with 1 cm increments in order to help guide and gauge depth
  • Outer cannula has a sharpened cutting tip to maintain access for biopsy and infusion when inner stylet is removed
  • The sharp diamond- tipped stylet facilitates easy placement into the periosteum and bone cortex
  • The 30° side-beveled stylet for minor redirection of needle during introduction

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Bone Biopsy Needle Set
Side-bevel and diamond-tip

Murphy M1M™ – Side-bevel
Bone Biopsy Needle

Murphy M2™
Diamond-tip Bone Biopsy Needle

Ratchet Bone Biopsy Needle Set
Hand drilling into hard bone

Murphy M2-S™
Multi-Purpose Coaxial Bone Biopsy Needle Set

Coaxial Bone Biopsy Needle Set
Trephine tip

Company profile

IZI Medical Logo

IZI Medical Products (Maryland, USA) was founded in 1994 by a neuroradiologist and radiation oncologist with the goal to develop and manufacture medical devices that increase procedural accuracy and decrease procedural time. In the following decade, IZI successfully developed and commercially launched over 10 of these innovative products, primarily in image guided surgery and radiation therapy.

Today, IZI’s portfolio has expanded significantly and is largely focused on diagnostic and therapeutic interventional solutions. Areas of increased focus are soft tissue biopsy, breast localization, vertebral augmentation, and vertebroplasty, among others.