Key Features

Visualisation of surgical process

No moving or repositioning of patient

High-clarity of imaging during surgery

Product information


Better vision. More precision. 
greater utility.

Using intraoperative MRI (iMRI) inside the IMRIS Surgical Theatre, achievement of the surgical objective is improved and patient risk mitigated through:

Visualization of surgical progress and results — reduces re-operation rates
No moving or repositioning of anesthetized patient — limits transport risk and preserves the sterile setup
Clarity of imaging for detail and guidance into eloquent areas — provides critical decision support in procedure completion

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Product information


State-of-the-art imaging and
low dose in the OR.

IMRIS iCT is a specialized multifunctional surgical theater that brings state-of-the-art Computed Tomography (CT) image quality with low dose management directly to patients in the OR. Producing scans that are MITA Smart Dose compliant, it provides full CT reimbursement. The first and only ceiling-mounted intraoperative CT travels on-demand to the patient — without introducing additional risks of moving the patient or having anything touch the floor — and preserves OR protocols, including optimal surgical access and techniques. Enabling scanning, diagnosis and intervention in one room without moving the patient or equipment, it is ideal for a busy operating room or trauma setting for multiple surgical disciplines such as neuro, spinal, orthopedic, ENT, and trauma surgeries and interventional radiology.

State-of-the-art image quality

Industry’s highest isotropic resolution
Access to full range of CT software including dose management
Diagnostic image quality with no compromise to exam speed
64-slice fan beam true CT imaging

Accessed effortlessly in the OR

Moves into or out of the OR in less than 30 seconds
Ceiling rails provide longest sliding gantry travel distance
Freedom from issues with floor rails or wheeled systems
Full asset utilization: enables use in two operating suites on-demand

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Company profile


Delivering state-of-the-art imaging to point of therapy

IMRIS, Deerfield Imaging is focused on bringing enhanced visualization to the point of therapy delivery. Delivering diagnostic quality high-field (1.5 or 3T) MRI or 64-slice CT imaging into the operating room, the IMRIS Surgical Theatre is a revolutionary, multifunctional intraoperative surgical environment that brings unmatched and extended vision to clinicians. This provides clinicians with decision support and guidance, particularly in minimally invasive neurological and spinal procedures. Surgical experience with this level of imaging during procedures rather than after is leading to increased achievement of surgical objectives and improved patient outcomes.